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Chris De'Williamsburg

A blog on Williamsburg's street fashion, vintage style and other observations which I made.  

For those of you that don't know, Williamsburg is a borough in New York City, Brooklyn to be precise.   It's an area famed for it's trendy inhabitants, cool bars, coffee shops and vintage scene. Perfect for a young  (cough) lad with aspiration of dipping his toe in the cool water. 

Living and working for years in London's 'hipper' areas, Chalk Farm, Dalston, and Covent Garden, and more recently Essex's Camden,  Eld Lane.  I thought it would be worth checking out, and as it's my job, I though I should blog about it. 

it feels good being here.  for me  New York City, is far too impersonal, you never get a feeling that anyone belongs there.  Manhattan is a series of Oxford streets, and Piccadilly  circuses, or Circi   if you like.   No community, and just an area that people travel to but don't live in.   Like central London, I didn't really want to be there. 

Williamsburg, on the other hand feels different.  It has a community feel, and I could imagine making friends there, going to a regular bar and getting up to no good.   The amount of people getting off the tube around 6pm was testament to that community spirit. 

photo copy 3.JPG

A feeling of faded grandeur, that was once again unfading.  Williamsburg's buildings we're once old factories, and warehouses, that are now being converted into apartments, to accommodate the increasing people that want to live there.   Centred around the main street, Bedford avenue.    The buildings are a mix of these apartments, and housing that is reminiscent of every city street you see on the TV shows.  The steps leading up to the front door, and people sitting on them.  Even an old man on a rocking chair, watching the world go by, sure.

The bars are mostly converted from the old warehouse buildings.  so there is a lot of exposed brickwork, and piping.  tall ceilings, and cool lighting. 

photo copy 4.jpeg

There is a lot of it, although for some reason it doesn't feel skanky or dirty.  it feels arty and relevant. Most bars have toilets covered in graffiti, court yards, and areas in the bars.      Outside, the walls around the area are covered with a more illegal, style of street art, they are quite ornate, so either they get loads of time to work on it, or the people ing it, are really fast at art. 

If you like trendy men, with lots of hair on their face and head with tattoos, then you will be happy with what Williamsburg has to offer. Exactly 76% of the men have all of these physical assets.   The girls are all hotties, and have great style.   I wanted to take loads of photos of the people in the area, but they all walked really fast, and I was intimidated.   I lost my bottle.  I did get a few though, after I had sunk a few beers.

There seemed to be about 20 movies being shot in the vintage shops.  Film crews everywhere, actors I haven't heard of sitting in their directors chairs under gazebos in the street.  It seems in America, filming in vintage shops is en-vogue.  I imagine our equivalent is filming homes under the hammer. 

Like in the UK the vintage scene here is vibrant, fun, and cool.  Stores are packed with goodies, and we spent hours knocking about the stores, checking them out, and trying to steal ideas.   Purchases were made, if you see me in a stripy jacket, yup that was from here. 

I would say that the selection of products in some stores were not high on quality though.  You had to really hunt for a cool piece through charity shop-esq tens.   I would guess that for a lot of stores here, Thrift is taken lot really mean low quality threshold .  No shop should be able to get away with having 300 striped office shirts.  No matter how big it is.  They're just not that good, and for me, a waste of space.  

(The Eagle eyed among you will notice that some of the photos may not strictly be taken in Williamsburg, I just liked the shots…most are though).