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↪ Failed Rockstar Club ↪


Failed Rockstar Club 

This week, I wanted to give a deeper in-site into our FRC movement.     Probably never mentioned this much, but Jez, and I were in a band. sure.    Up and about the country playing our indie pop rock….probably smelly, and definitely drunk.   Doing this we learnt a deep appreciation to the idea that life is for getting up there, having a bash, and enjoying whatever it is that you tried hard on.   (I just realised I’ve written hard-on) 

It didn't work out for us…. Turned out there wasn’t the market for quite good songs, and shit hair cuts…. 

New Adventures

It inspired us to do something more….we learnt that we are living in a time that anyone can make shit happen…the internet for all its crap bits, and there are many,  has given every single person in this world the chance to figure out a way to get their product to billions of people……it’s bloody difficult, sure, but its a chance…. and it's basically free……what a service...

Our Failed Rockstar Club is just this…….

You can make it happen.  It’s within your grasp, and why not give it a go….social media has opened up so many doors that weren’t available before. 

failed rockstar club

So if you’re faffing about on forming that band, poetry, acting, influencing, or whatever it might be.  Bloody well give it a go. .What do you have to loose?…..this generation has the best opportunities to get out there and have a go.    If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter; try again, or do something else.

Join our club, spread this word to everyone, because this is a time of opportunity….  Become a fully signed up member of the failed rockstar club.   We are, and we’ve failed at loads of stuff.  We keep trying new things, and you only need to succeed once.