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Ramblings for team Best Days as we embark on our vintage adventure



So after 5 years, we have updated and recycled our shop.

Why would we do this?  

We wanted to create a new space that was made from recycled materials.  So that is what we did.   We broke up the window display, and turned it into a seating area.  We even used the original screws. We extended our till, and renovated it with old pallets from our warehouse.  Found corrugated iron sheets from a Suffolk farm, and re-used our old shelves…… All with the aim to keep our environmental  footprint as low as we could.  It needed improvisation, and creativity, and the results are amazing. (Arrogant) 

Colchester vintage shop

The message

Our reason for being- 

-Recycling, Reusing, unique clothing, quirky experiences and creative thinking. 

We have built a space that is more than a shop and more like a club hopefully. We want to enjoy our journey as small business owners and having a space that people can use, relax and shop in is important to us, as we get to spend time with our customers, and friends. 

What next

- We have just launched a book swap for you to drop off an old book, write a message in it for the next person, and take a new book to read. 

- Outside we are going to make seats from old wood, pallets and scraps of material. Come sit in the summer sun, have a coffee, and watch little bits of Colchester's life go past. 

-Yoga every Sunday morning.

 A zen start to your Sunday.  Plus coffee afterwards. Meeting new people

best days vintage shop colchester essex

- Gigs, poetry, book readings, podcasts. (Dance classes?) 


- Selling some clothes hopefully.  We can’t do any of this, without selling vintage clothing, as this is what keeps us in business, and lets us pay our rent.  Stay Locked in, and think of us if you wanna shop.