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A 'Short' History

Boys….A ‘short’ history.

Whatever your legs look like, come summer, all 2 days of it, shorts become a must.   No one likes to be sweating in a pair of skinny jeans.  Having to get a chisel in order to prize yourself out of those tight bad boys. 

What shorts are the shorts for you?   I’m here to offer a gentle bit of advice, on which style to choose. 

The Short Short

Being careful not to ‘pop out’  the ‘short short’, has had a full history.   Famous advocates of this style, such as Peter Beardsley, and Alan Partridge have made them the top of the style pyramid.  
Often worn during sports activities, they have also been adopted by trendier types that like to make a statement.   Complete the look; Wear with leather sandals, or some ice white sports pumps. 

The Bermuda

These shorts scream 'party time' at the pool.   Traditionally worn by hunky types, like Surfers, and David Beckham. The Bermuda is my short of choice.   I even wore a pair to centre parks recently, no beach, but they looked wicked, whilst I zoomed down the rapids, surrounded by mums.   I would recommend them to be worn near water, as wearing a pair down the pub on a Friday, is frowned upon, and you may get accused of going in fancy dress.

The Cycling Short

These went through an East London hipster phase a couple of years back.   Worn under another pair of shorts, as a summer version of the Meggin.   Historically, the cycling short was quite the height of fashion in the early 90’s, worn with a fido-dido t-shirt, and a yoyo.   Now days, you see a lot of men in cyclng shorts, but they are generally on a push-bike, or occasionally hanging around a children’s playground  (just like to make it clear, not all men in cycling shorts are pedophiles).
I personally would not recommend a man to wear them.  For me, they're too sweaty, tight, and ultimately revealing.  No one wants to see that, in the town centre on a Monday morning. 

The Denim Short

This Style is an absolute staple item for the summer, easy to make, and easy to buy.   To make, find an old pair of jeans you don’t wear anymore, measure, so you keep the legs the same length, and cut.   To get the fray, Wash in machine, and tumble dry.     If that sounds too much for you, then come to Bestdays Vintage.  We have a plentiful supply for you.  

They work really well, with most casual items; oversize shirts, t-shirts and vests.   I would always recommend, getting a pair of shorts that are a little bigger than you would wear your jeans.  So they sit a bit lower on the hips.    Be careful not to wander in to ‘short denim short’ territory.  There is a fine line.   I would suggest just above the knee is perfect short length. 

Here are some photos of too short, and perfect length (in my opinion).  Which would you wear?