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BEST DAYS TOP 10: Spring Style Tips.


An absolute staple item for any wardrobe, it has been going strong for years. It is so versatile that it has been applied to numerous trends over the years, important to me were ‘Grunge is back’, ‘tartan’ ‘layering’ and 90’s. This item will still be going strong, and what I like is the new ideas that are coming out of it. For example our customized flannel shirt dresses. Perfect for the spring, as they are layered up with leggings, or jeans.  

Soon to be available on our new ASOS store


Again a staple item, that seems to never go out of fashion. This is a Perfect fashion piece to wear in the day. Sling it on over leggings, high-waist mother jeans or some Levi’s denim shorts, if you’re a girl, or just wear as is as a dress. Lads, sling it on over a pair of jeans, and 90’s style trainers for a simple, yet cool vintage look.

Simple yet stylish.  The outfit, not the model.  Though tbf, Ryan is a stylish lad. 

Simple yet stylish.  The outfit, not the model.  Though tbf, Ryan is a stylish lad. 

If you can name this species of angry snarling animal, you will in a special bestdays prize.

If you can name this species of angry snarling animal, you will in a special bestdays prize.


This has been gathering momentum for a couple of years, but this spring is meant to be THE MUST HAVE accessory. Here in Best days towers, we have been wearing them religiously for a couple of years. (Mainly to cover up our crap haircuts.) Famous up and coming types such as James Bay, have helped to bring it to the forefront of popular culture.    

Wear MJ style tipped forward...

Wear MJ style tipped forward...

Wear Kooks style tipped backwards.

Wear Kooks style tipped backwards.

4. Boho Clothing

Bit of a generic term, sure, but as a look, I am really into this. Think 70’s hippy. Floaty dresses, big floppy hats, long hair, feathers, and the like. We are going to be really embracing this look, over the spring and summer. Perfect for festivals, a beer garden, a walk in a grassy meadow, or a trip to Bestdays.


An extension of Boho, but as an individual item its great. They’re a cheap, versatile and a colourful Americana item. Last summer we really saw the rise of the bandana, and I fully expect it to continue into 2015.

There are numerous ways to wear this for lads of girls.

  • Head-band. (Think MGMT)

  • 50s style, (Think Amy Winehouse)

  • Around the wrist (Think Libertines)

  • Hanging from jeans (Think Guns n‘Roses)

  • Around the leg  (Think drunk at a festival)

  • Tie around neck ( Think folk rocking)

6. Tie-Dye

Whether it be t-shirts, dresses, smock tops, or shorts, this cheeky festival look is again gonna be a big deal. Over-size -t shirts for a more forward thinking street style look. Tie dye doesn’t have to be hippy, but if you do want to go for that 70’s style, then a hippy style dress would be perfect. We are in the process of looking at a new range of this hippy smocks, and floaty dresses. Keep your eye peeled people.


These are a key piece of menswear, and a spring must have. They have been tailored to make a spectacular fit on the body, whilst still keeping the length. Wear open over a plain vest, with a long necklace, or done up at the top button for a more tailored look. They are stylish, yet fun cool prints that are individual, so you don’t see that chief from down your street in the same shirt as you.
Girls, why not think outside the box, wear over leggings as an alternative to a dress. Or open as a longer oversize shirt.   


For that 50’s style feel. Hawaiian prints, on shirts and shorts are a real cool way of telling people 'Hey I’m a fun guy'. Although the catwalk is pushing clashing Hawaiian prints and patterns, I would hesitate to go that far. You could be in serious danger of looking like a special case. If you’re going to wear a Hawaiian shirt, I would recommend wearing it with plain, more neutral colours. Let the shirt do the work for you.  

9. Sunnies

Need I say more?! A must for wearing inside, in the pub, on stage, on the tube and every inappropriate place you can think of. Like the sunglasses governor ‘The bigger the better, the darker the better, the rounder the better’. Think John Lennon and think festival. I love our heart shaped sunnies to wear at festivals. Really cool look, playful and edgy.  


All these trend suggestions that cover the Internet are all well and good, but they aren’t the be all, and end all of fashion and style. In my experience they are only adopting what the young people on the streets are already wearing, and ultimately they are an ‘Emperors New Clothes’ scenario. It seems year after year, the same looks, are given a new name, and given a slight twist. Don’t be led, follow your own style, and ignore plonkers like me, telling you what to wear.