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Merry Christmas You Filthy Animals

Well Ho Ho Ho if it isn't that time of year again. Can I be frank with you reader? No? Well then I shall be earnest. My last couple of Christmi (that's the plural) have been somewhat mediocre compared to previous years. I'm a big Christmas guy. I will always immerse myself fully in Christmas spirit but the joy levels haven't been up to scratch. Well let me tell you it's back baby and I'm going balls deep into Christmas. I sincerely hope you are too.


December 18th (that's this Friday) is Christmas jumper day. Now I know that you are a keen witted individualist and you won't be told what to wear and when to wear it but on this day you're going to put that aside and you're going to embrace Christmas like you did when you were 8. The good thing about the Christmas jumpers at Bestdays is that every one of them is unique so you can join in without being the same as everyone else.  The bad thing about our Christmas jumpers is that some of them are absolutely hideous. But then isn't that the point? I would comfortably claim that we have the best collection of bad Christmas jumpers in the state. (He likes American things now).

Here's our friend Chelsea in her bestdays "ugly" Christmas jumper. Her words not mine.

Here's our friend Chelsea in her bestdays "ugly" Christmas jumper. Her words not mine.

The day after boxing day is a Sunday and it won't feel like a Sunday because you'll have that weird "what day is it?" feeling and you'll want to drink. A lot. We have just the place and occasion for you to do that. Imagine a club night with loads of live bands, DJ's playing tunes you love and moneybeing raised for charity. You've just imagined this months Leisure written and hosted by v bar, bestdaysvintage and The Robin Cancer trust. We also celebrate steve's birthday on the 27th (even though it's actually on Christmas day). I know he would love you to be there because he often feels like his birthday is somewhat neglected. Jesus is the ultimate thunder stealer.


Have an ace Christmas wherever you are and see you soon. Love you byeeeeeeeeee. Jez xxxxx

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