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Ramblings for team Best Days as we embark on our vintage adventure

Sale Rail Savior

Whilst we all know Christmas is over and everyone 'should' be back to their daily slog, some of us are still living in the giving spirit of crimbo. Here at Best Days Vintage, we've got a mega sale, with a 10 pound rail to fill the hole of that Levi your mum forgot to put under the tree. It's only getting colder and even though those T-shirts and sunglasses are peeping through your draws, take no notice! Instead, focus your fancy on the multitude of jackets up for grabs. All for a tenner, what a bargain. 

This sheepskin lined beauty is a real pick up and can be worn with practically anything, here's its paired with my rather scruffy jeans, perhaps not fitting. Who would have expected that this winter warmer would be only 10 pounds!


It's time to cut the cord (no pun intended) from the old man type of cord coats, this one is given a cooler edge with the sheepskin lining that sorts the old man from the boys. 

washed blue Levis denim jacket
classic vintage levi's denim jacket

Denim is always up there in the best of Best Days and both of these jackets show off Levi to the extreme , ranging from the distressed painter look to the slightly smarter but effortlessly fab. Still a tenner. Who would have guessed from the numerous times it's been mentioned hey? 

As well as these goodies there's a magnitude of other products to cast your eye on, including a five pound rail to root around in. Pop into the store to have a look. 

Matt & Rose  x