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A New Year, a New Look. The Lumber Dress.

Hello friends, hopefully today you are feeling a brighter shade than you were yesterday with your new years day hangover? I know I sure am. 
Stepping into 2015, I would like to bring your attention to some new stock we have in store.


Take our new flannel dresses for instance, quaintly named 'The Lumber Dress'.  Reworked and customised from mens oversized checked flannel shirts to become a perfect addition to any vintage lovers wardrobe. 
Has you're boyfriend has pissed you off lately? Rather than cut all his clothes to shreds, why not cutely customise his stuff and keep it for your own?
That way, not only do you get to take a sharp pair of scissors to his favourite shirts, but you also get a great dress out of it.  Plus every time you wear it, he gets a reminder of the 'bad thing' he did.  
OK, thats borderline sadistic... so we would suggest this better; drop into our Colchester store and try on a few from our collection.  They come in a variety of checks and colours and look great dressed down casually, or dressed up for an evening outfit.

flannel dress

Emily here shows us how to wear it super casual, in this blue check number, worn with a black long sleeve blouse and black tights. 


For a little something extra, Emily adds a red beret to complement the yellows and oranges in this vintage flannel dress. Also seeing as this beret looks a lot like a beanie, I'm concluding that a red beanie would also look great with this look.


Break it up.. Our reworked flannel dresses also look awesome with a black leather belt worn above the hips. Wear over a button up blouse for a slightly more formal look.  
We think these customised pieces rock the house down, and if you agree, come see our great selection in store, or email us for details on how to purchase online.