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Ice Buckets and The steady decline of Facebook

Hey pals. If your Facebook news feed is anything like mine then you're probably too scared/annoyed to look at it right now. I can't quite decide what my position is on the ice bucket challenge. I know for a fact that it's massively irritating and it's making me hate all my friends but if it's raising awareness and money for a worthwhile charity then perhaps I should just get over myself, donate to a charity and not go on Facebook until all the ice has thawed. 

Like the carefully lit "no make-up" selfies before them, I am instantly cynical of the motivation behind the people engaging in these charity viral phenomenons. Exactly how far would people go for likes? Look out for the "kick your grandma in the crotch for Mumps research" video challenge coming soon. Probably. 

It's really indicative of a wider problem on Facebook though. Even before all this ice bucket gubbins my feed was made up almost entirely of shared videos that I never watch, shared articles I never read, people starting cup cake baking businesses and of course baby photos. Now I'm pretty sure that I'm responsible for 77% of the baby photos on facebook today so I'm fully aware that I'm part of the problem and not the solution. (In my defence I have cut down and now it's more of a concern for my Instagram followers). I actually miss the days of finding out what people had for dinner and how difficult their train journey was. I want to read what people actually think and not what Russell Brand thinks. I have twitter for that. 

Anyway back to the ice buckets. Any donation to charity is a good thing no matter what the motivation and raising awareness of Motor neurone disease or any equally worthy cause is important so lets leave the gonks to it  and not get too tetchy. Plus that one of the girl falling off the horse is funny.  Jez x

Jez DixonComment