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Folk Music and Festival Wear

Hey Folks,
we’re off on a Best Days mini break…it's not as Bridget Jones as it sounds, we are on a weekend of folk related fun at Folk East a folk festival in Suffolk, spreading the vintage love and enjoying the music buzz. If you’re heading to Glemhall Hall this weekend be sure to check out our stall, we are sending choice pieces for your delight. In the meantime, if you’re in the need of some last minute folk festival essentials, or on the way to V in Chelmsford, take a peek at our handy festival guide.

1. Parka

No matter how much you hope it doesn’t, it will probably rain at some point over a festival, two days is a long time for the British weather to hold out for. But don’t blame it on the weather, don one of our bright macs in a retro print and put two fingers up to the weather man. 

Reversible Festival Jacket


2. Vintage Levi cut offs

A firm favourite from the male and female street style favourites such as Alexa Chung and Adam Brody denim shorts are here to stay. We can see why, they’re an easy festival staple that done well can elongate your legs and offer handy pockets. Tip, avoid the ‘bum skimmers’ that have become popular in the past year, no one, no one, wants to see half your bum. Fact.

Levis Denim Shorts


3. Tie-Dye Tee.

The daddy of all festival wear. Think woodstock, think psychedelic 70's, think tie-dye.  Earliest surviving examples of tie-dye date as far back as 500AD in Peru.  They've survived the test of time for one reason....  They're totally radical man!

Festival Tie-Dye Tee Shirt


4. Funky bandana

Perfect for hiding your greasy mop at the tail end of a festival weekend, bandanas are having a renaissance that we wholeheartedly endorse. Wrap around your head like a headband or attach to your wrist for a makeshift bracelet, multifunctional see! 

Sky-Blue Bandana


Check out our selections of all the above here on or drop in to our shop in Colchester, Eld Lane.  
Peace Love and Festivals x