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Ramblings for team Best Days as we embark on our vintage adventure

Modern art /vintage shop.

The sun is out, the shop is full of customers and Don't Fear the Reaper is playing on the stereo. It doesn't get much better than this. Well perhaps if we had air conditioning. People ask me how I am and my answers are rotating between "sticky", "moist" and "glistening". All good words sure but maybe too honest.  I should just say fine thanks and move on like normal people. 

If you've been to the shop in the last few days then you will have noticed that we have changed our window display again. Gone is the lovely botanical haven and in its place is a load of paint flung at a wall. Obviously more thought went into it than that. Each stroke was carefully planned and we were inspired by the work of Jackson-Pollock, by the cover of the Stone Roses first album and if we're being completely honest a little bit by the video for Every Teardrop is a Waterfall by Coldplay. We're very pleased with the results either way. Come have a looksie if you haven't already. 

People often say our work looks like Pollocks. 

People often say our work looks like Pollocks. 

Do say: "Wow that's really vibrant and an expressive use of colour", "Your window looks amazing, it reminds me of the Stone Roses album cover which I love", "Great work guys your display really lights up the street".

Don't say: "You've missed a bit there mate", "Coldplay are shit" "Your window looks like puke"

On Saturday the 9th of August we're gonna take out the mannequins and let several bands loose in there.  Not all at the same time you understand. The beauty is that if they drink loads and then vomit in there it will still look the same.  More details on the bands and times will be forthcoming. 

While we're on the subject of rock and roll antics. leisure VI / Leisure F is coming up next Friday (August 1st). This month is a summer extravaganza featuring a Hawaiian theme, we are adding an extra band and there will of course be a dress up rail with clothes that you can not just try on but keep. We are ever so good to you. If you come in store and buy a Hawaiian shirt in the week leading up to Leisure then you'll get 20% off. And they're only £15 at full price! You do the math(s). 

Badly cropped I realize and yes that is the refection of my shoulder in the sunglasses. 

Badly cropped I realize and yes that is the refection of my shoulder in the sunglasses. 

So in case the poster is too much work and you'd rather read it in my prose here's the highlights. We've got Whisky Stain, the Midnight Barbers and Sam Keyes playing downstairs (all great, fact) and upstairs is a DJ takeover form F.O.X. Plus the V bar is gonna be filled with all sorts of Hawaiian/summer themed props. In short it's going to be magnificent. I sincerely look forward to seeing you there. 

If I could sum it all up in one song it would probably be this:

I don't think that's the official video folks. I hope you all had a good Latitude those of you who went. I felt like I was the only man left in Colchester but from what I have heard it sounded amazing. I'm definitely going next year. Sure.

Love you all. Jez x