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Leisure V and other music

I don't mean to sound self satisfied but other than rockstar I think vintage shop owner would be up there with next best thing jobs for me. I would have made a good park ranger as well but I think that ship has sailed. Plus I'm scared of bears. I say this because right now I'm thoroughly enjoying the life of a shop keeper. Maybe it's the nice weather or something but all the people I meet in here seem to be in a good mood and lets face it talking bollocks to customers is what gets me through the day. 

We had one of our cheeky gigs in here the other week where are Saturday girl Amber brought everyone to tears with her smoky soulful voice. We also had a band called Contra playing their first ever gig. It was really nice to be able to give some new talent that opportunity and they'll always remember they played their first show here. I was so nervous about my first ever gig that I got ridiculously drunk and ruined it for everybody. Luckily for us Contra had much more class. I believe there are pictures on the website of the gig so go see. 

This coming Friday is Leisure #5 or Leisure E depending on whether you're a numbers or letters person. Our  club night in collaboration with V bar is going to be an absolute beauty this month. As usual we have two bands of the highest calibre the first of which is CuT. 

CuT. Making me a little moist. 

CuT. Making me a little moist. 

They look like a band should look and they sound a bit like the Ramones and the Jesus and Mary Chain. What's not to like? Watch this video and judge for yourself but beware of the strobe effect. I watched it and I think I caught Canine Pepilepsy. (Anyone who gets that reference is automatically in my good books)

The second band are called The Kipling Conspiracy and they hail from the fair town of Colchester. You can hear one of their new songs at I just listened to it and it made me dance and I'm currently in a shop on my own. Just think what I'll do when I see it live. 

We are also honoured to have television's famous skinny jean gardeners doing a DJ set in the upstairs room. I honestly don't know what they are going to play but I bet they'll be surrounded by Honeysuckle or something while they're playing it. That's the flower not a slang term for ladies that I've made up. They are both happily married. 

While I'm at it we're going to be having a little mini festival of our own in store on Saturday 19th of July. We're gonna get some bands and acoustic acts to play in the window while the shop is open throughout the day. If you'd like to play then drop us a line or come see me in store. i'll let you know more about this plan when I know more. 

keep on keeping on. Love you. Jez x


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