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Hello Monkeys. I write to you from a drizzly Colchester with hope in my heart and love in between my thighs. Let me fill you in on what's been going on at Bestdays castle, and what magic is yet to come. 

We have recently collaborated with the SkinnyJean gardeners ( on our new window display. If you haven't seen it yet then you should make it your business to, because it's our best yet. We've got all kinds of flora and fauna going on in there ( I think it's mostly flora to be fair although I did see a bug in one of the flower pots). The Skinny Jean brothers have set us the challenge of growing a sunflower in the window and so far we're making good progress. If you follow us on twitter then you will have seen the riveting daily updates but for those of you who don't this is the latest: We have five separate sproutings going on which look like little triffids. One of them seems bigger, stronger and healthier than the others and we don't know whether to shower all our love on that one or to not pick favourites. if we were picking favourites then the little runty one would obviously be mine. 

That's the Sunflowers in the bucket at the front. I have kinda fallen in love with them. 

That's the Sunflowers in the bucket at the front. I have kinda fallen in love with them. 

We have also launched our website since we last spoke. We can, and are, selling stuff from there (technically here) now. I should emphasize the fact that everything on the website is a one off and completely exclusive to the online store. Got it? 

This Friday sees the return of our Leisure club night at V-bar. It's all set to be an absolute belter of a night. We have two amazing bands playing downstairs. Ordinary Noise are from Colchester and John Cooper Clarke once said "These guys are gonna be mega" about them. I think they already are mega. Judge for yourself here. 

The headline band are called Whisky Stain, they are a two piece from London/Nottingham and they describe their sound as "blues drenched indie". I love indie and blues and the word drenched is my favourite word so I'm pretty excited about seeing them live. I also like the word moist FYI. I guess I just like wet words. 

So as you can see/hear it's gonna be a splendid evening. Steven and I are disk jockeying in the upstairs room as well so if you could all come upstairs and dance for at least 20 minutes it would be really good for our self esteem. We may play the role of the confident shop keeper but there's  actually some deep seated issues with abandonment and weight. We will definitely play Like A Sex Machine by James Brown at least once, that's a promise.

We have also invented  a new concept called the "leisurecard" for this months event. I say invented, it's really just a loyalty card with a different name.  If you spend £20 in the shop then you can get a free drink at Leisure (terms and conditions apply) and if you buy 5 drinks at leisure then you get a generous 15% off in bestdays, I hope that makes sense because as I was typing it I started going cross eyed. 

Remember if you want to play at Leisure then send us a link to your soundcloud, drop a demo tape in to the store or serenade me in the street. 

I look forward to seeing you soon and preferably dancing next to you in a provocative manner. Jez x