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Moving to Colchester

Hey pals. I'm Jez and I'm one half or 50% of the Best Days team. I am the portion with the slightly bigger vocabulary and an infinitely better grasp of spelling and grammar. You would think in a post spell check world that this wouldn't be an issue but it is and so here I am. I used to blog when I was in a band and my writing style was often compared to Carrie from Sex and the City, which I took as a big compliment obviously. I mean if Big is afraid of commitment then maybe I should get out of Manhattan. I realize that's quite a dated reference but hey we're opening a vintage shop. I'm rambling already.

Lets give you a bit of background. Steven is the other two fourths of  Best Days and he and I have been friends for approximately 15 years. It's not a particularly interesting story but we met at University in High Wycombe, ( I'm almost embarrassed to call it a university) and we fell in love to a soundtrack of blur and abuse from locals. I should stress that the love we share is purely platonic and has never become physical. We formed a very strong bond and also a mediocre band. It was this band that led us to London. In the grand tradition of Dick Whittington, we soon discovered that the streets of our nations capital were not paved with gold and recording contracts. If anything it was syringes and old copies of the evening standard. I am always quite self deprecating about the band but our debut single did enter the hit parade at number 68 #justsaying. 


That's me on the right and Steve on the left just so you know. The details of the man in the middle are quite inconsequential. 

While we were trying to write music to make girls fall in love with us we had rent to pay and so we got jobs at London's leading vintage clothes retailer. It was there that we concocted the idea for Best Days. We've both always had an eye for style and it just seemed logical that we would open our own store. The big question was where to open it. 

Colchester, that's where. It's a town with so much potential. Granted I have only lived here for a few days but to my eyes it's got everything a young man looking to open a vintage clothes store could want. I spent the day in town on Saturday and just got to know my new surroundings and had a whale of a time. The people I met were really friendly and there's a plethora of cool independent shops and cafes. We want to be one of them. 

All I knew as a kid about Colchester is that it's where Blur came from. Some might say that's reason enough for anyone to move there, given that they're the best band Britain has ever produced. Fact. I've since learned that Dermot O'Leary is from Colchester and even more impressively that Darren Day is from Colchester who it turns out, was a semi professional snooker player before he became a full time love rat. 

Anyhoo it's been nice getting to know you. Anyone I don't know is a future friend. Join me here in the near future for my musings on fashion, Colchester, the perils of being a new father and various other topics. Hopefully the shop will be open in a few weeks and we can do this in person. Jez x

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