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I have little to no memory of my freshers week. Not because it was so long ago cynics (at a tender 28 years old I am fully in control of all my major faculties) but because I don't think I really threw myself into it. I was quite a shy boy and, without getting too self-helpy, I didn't really know myself. Sure these days I walk with a swagger and a quiet confidence bordering on the arrogant but back then I was genuinely scared of grown ups and to a larger extent girls. Steven and I have recently been selling our wares and promoting the Best Days brand at a couple of freshers fairs and man have they been fun. You can actually see lifelong friendships being formed in front of your eyes. Little cliques beginning to emerge and that's right, plenty of bantz. I don't remember there being that many societies to join at my university. Having said that it was barely a university. Best Days had a stall at the Essex university freshers fair last Saturday and if I was a student there I would have joined so many groups. Definitely the Nordic society cos they had the best beards and nice waffles, the language society had a really hot ginger girl so I would have signed up for that. You got a free pen with the Bulgarians and the Nigerians seemed fun so they would have been contenders too. The role playing society turned out to be not what I thought it was and for that reason I'm out. The point I'm making, if there indeed is one, is that your university years are ace ones so enjoy them freshers. Don't do what I did and take a poxy film course and drop out after two barely attended years. Sorry Mum and Dad. We're back at Essex uni every Thursday for the next month so see you there folks.

Descartes once said that a company that cleans its teeth together succeeds together.

Descartes once said that a company that cleans its teeth together succeeds together.

In other news I'm reliably informed that it's going to get cold from tomorrow. I have already started wearing my chunky knits (see above). I'll be honest I've been premature. I look like a Norwegian fisherman and while that's a strong look I've been losing a lot of moisture as a result. I'm assured that by tomorrow it will be an appropriate defence against frosty Essex mornings. Best Days will be a one stop shop for all the vintage winter wear you'll need. Every year I buy a coat thinking it will be the last one I purchase. Not because I have a terminal illness I should stress but because I fall in love with a new coat. You have to love your coat because it's the one item you'll probably wear every day of the week. So whether it's a duffel, a parka, a peacoat or a sheepskin make sure you adore it because it will probably define your winter. I look back fondly on last year as the winter of the fleece lined denim. In truth like much of my wardrobe it was too small for me ( I like my clothes fitted) and I couldn't do it up, thus rendering it's warmth-giving qualities virtually obsolete. As we all know it's style over practicality right? When you get both, ooooh merry Christmas.

Fleece lined denim jackets will be available in Best Days. They look good on girls and boys.

Fleece lined denim jackets will be available in Best Days. They look good on girls and boys.

We're getting very close to having an opening date confirmed for the shop so keep your ear to the ground Colchestrians. These are exciting times we live in. Don't waste them playing computer games. Unless you really enjoy playing computer games in which case carry on, they're great for hand eye coordination.         

Jez out. X

I'm not really 28 fact fans.

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