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Rubber Up

Good morning pals. I genuinely hope you are healthy and happy and if you're not then I hope something makes you happy today. If you're not healthy then there's not too much I can do except say contact your GP if the swelling doesn't go down within 24 hours. 

Thank you to everybody who came along to our club night at V Bar the other week. I must say I had a rollicking good time. Why wouldn't I? There was banging tunes, 2 great bands and an atmosphere that one reveller described as "lovely stuff". I think it may have been Shakin Stevens. Sure for a while it did kind of smell like burning hair but that's only because someone's hair was on fire. Yes I did knock a man's pint out of his hand doing an over exuberant Jarvis Cocker impression, and yes he was a soldier and yes I was genuinely frightened but I talked my way out of a rumble and we said no more about it. I would say it was a rip roaring success overall which is why we're ruddy well doing it again. 

Friday the 28th March is the next Leisure and we shall have all the key ingredients for a cracking night out. This month's bands are Electric Child House and The Jorneta Stream. The former are a London based psychedelic rock band who cite The Beatles and Radiohead as influences. That's good enough for me. Look out for the double Maraca action in this video. You don't see that enough in my opinion. 

The second band are The Jorneta Stream who are from Colchester (Woo!) and play that stop starty, time signature shifting, clever brand of alternative rock that when Steve and I were in a band couldn't play because we weren't talented enough. They have a song called "Do you know the fireman, who lives on Pudding Lane?" so they're in my good books straight away. This song is called Third Wheel and is ace. 

Then after 2 cracking bands lets dance the night away to indie classics until 2am whereupon you can either get a kebab and go home or come with me to Climax gentleman's club. First band will probably be on around half nine so I'd get there promptly if I were you and remember it's free to get in. 

In other shop related news you may have noticed that the weather has taken a turn for the better. We have responded and the store is full of spring /summer items now such as playsuits, summer dresses, t shirts, Hawaiian shirts, Harringtons, sunglasses and lots more. Remember we get new stock in every week and it's all one off pieces so if I were you I'd come and see us at least once a week to get first dibs on the best stuff. First dibs is a technical term we use in retail, sorry to bore you with jargon. 

We're also working very hard behind the scenes getting ready to launch our website. We're not too far away from selling our wares online now but obviously I'll let you know precise launch co ordinates nearer the time, I just wanted to whet your appetite a little bit. Here's a picture of Matt taking a picture of a Lion T shirt that will be available on the website. 

Matt takes great pride in his work. Please e mail me more lion pun based captions.    

Matt takes great pride in his work. Please e mail me more lion pun based captions. 

Anyhoo, it was nice speaking to you and I hope to see you soon. Enjoy the sunshine but do remember to rubber up. Love you. Jez x