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Roddy Superb

Unless you've been living under a metaphorical Best Days social media style rock this week, you will have noticed that we've been going on about this guy Roddy Woomble quite a lot recently. I felt like I should explain our love for this man in a bit more depth and perhaps encourage you to go and buy his entire back catalogue and come and see him at Colchester Arts Centre on the 22nd of April. WARNING: If you don't like gushing praise it's probably best to stop reading now. 

Roddy is the singer in one of Steven and I's favourite bands of all time. They're called Idlewild. You thought we only listened to blur right? In my opinion they're one of the most criminally underrated bands of the last 20 years ok. Here's why I love them and specifically him. 

  1. They write great melodies
  2. Roddy writes lovely evocative lyrics
  3. They rock when necessary. 
  4. Their sound has evolved from punk, through sweeping widescreen anthems to a more folky vibe. 
  5. They're lovely people. 
  6. Roddy likes a stripy t-shirt/jumper like what I do. 
  7. They're amazing live. 
  8. Roddy has a lovely warm singing/speaking voice. 
  9. Roddy is movie star handsome and rocks long hair these days, sometimes a big bushy beard too. 

I could go on forever with this list but it's all starting to sound like extracts from my diary aged 13. The point is they don't get nearly enough recognition for being ace. Anyway Roddy has made 3 folky solo albums which, surprise surprise, I also really like. He is playing in Colchester next month in support of the most recent one. I suggest you buy tickets now and use the up-coming weeks to familiarise yourself with his work. 

Maybe go Partridge style and get the "best of" Idlewild to start with and take it from there. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Here's some of my personal favourites from the Roddy Canon.

I hope you give these tracks a listen and enjoy them, they really are the tip of a majestic iceberg, and I also hope to see you at the Arts Centre on Tuesday 22nd of April.  You can win a brace of tickets by entering a competition that we have running on our Facebook page right now! Steve and I will definitely be there. We'll be the ones at the front trying desperately to look cool but actually punching the air and generally being two over excited divs. Can't wait. Love you. Jez x