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Ramblings for team Best Days as we embark on our vintage adventure

Open/Brief Cool

We're only ruddy open. We're coming to the end of our first week of trading and it's all going rather well. Sure this is the honeymoon period, and perhaps further down the line Steven and I will fall out over where we should put the jumpsuits but right now it's all good.

 Regular readers will know that we both worked in/ran vintage shops in London and it's nice to know that a lot of the same things happen here. Some old people have complained about the music being too loud, we have a crazy man who pops in most days telling us we should be a a Bible shop , someone will come in every day and try and sell us some old tat, and it's cold. These things sound annoying but to me they're actually quite comforting. God knows I like routine. I should point out I'm not implying the Bible man is crazy because he believes in God, it's more the way he says it. Trust me he's mental.  

After our first day last Saturday we were quite content that we were Colchester's coolest new shop and we had a bit of a lock in to celebrate with close friends and family. Within a couple of hours of the doors being closed Tina Turner was on the stereo and the shop floor was graced by some classic dad dancing. We had lost all semblance of cool within our first day. Ties were round heads, Michael Jackson impressions were popular and most terrifyingly of all my Mum danced with Steve's Dad. The windows steamed up pretty quickly (just as Tina would like) so passers by couldn't see what was essentially a wedding reception in a vintage shop.

Steamy Windows: This was a lovely gesture but it was a pain in the ass to clean in the morning. Just saying.

Steamy Windows: This was a lovely gesture but it was a pain in the ass to clean in the morning. Just saying.

We've been giving away canvas tote bags to anyone who spends more than £50 or to people we take an instant liking to and I must admit I beam with pride whenever I see one around town. I spotted a girl with one in the hardware section of Wilkos. It was a special moment for two reasons because I don't visit the hardware section very often. In case you're interested I was buying fuses. I think they were 3 Watt. 


Toteally Cool. Sure.

Toteally Cool. Sure.

We're really pleased with how the finished shop looks and other than a signed Graham Coxon picture to go behind the till and another full length mirror for the front door end of the store we're golden. I'm not sure if I've thanked them in a previous post but in no particular order the following people have our eternal gratitude for making the shop look exactly how we imagined it: Mark the painter, Reg the carpenter, Jim the Electrician and Phil the Printer. These are real people and not characters from a kids tv show I promise. Put them all in a room and you'd probably get quite a good tv show although some of the language would be a little bit fruity for kids. 

I know some of you cool Colchester cats want to keep knowledge of  your new favourite vintage shop to yourself but that's just not a great business strategy for us so do go tell your friends. They'll love you forever. Come and see us this weekend, we're getting some new stock in because we've been selling so much. There'll be some new Carharrt jackets, faux fur coats and womens check blazers among other things. Boink. Stay cool Colchester. Love you. Jez x

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