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Maybe I'm way behind the times here but I learnt a new word this week. The phenomenon known as meggings. It's one of those really annoying portmanteau words and as you've probably guessed it means mens leggings. The fact that there's a red line under the word every time I write meggings tells me they haven't made it into the mainstream just yet and I'm pretty sure I'm spelling it right. They were brought to my attention because a friend of mine is starting a new business making meggings for cage fighters. Sounds like a ridiculous contradiction between the masculine and the poncey right? I think cage fighters wear them because it's harder for their opponent to get a grip on them, thus saving them from being flung into the side of the cage. I'll admit I know nothing about cage fighting (shocking news) but I think if I was a cage fighter, which I could be if I wanted to be cos I am well hard, I would be distracted by the fact I could see the outline of my rivals scrotum. I've spent this morning perusing images of men in leggings and I'll admit that when worn with a long top I can get on board. They're just a natural step on from super skinny jeans. In fact whomever gets me in work secret santa this year can get me some of these bad boys. I may just wear them around the house because a. they look comfortable b. I like to be cupped "down there" c. Is Colchester ready for meggings? I've seen a couple of people wearing onesies around town. This has to stop. 

Just about acceptable use of meggings.

Just about acceptable use of meggings.

In the course of my megging research I stumbled upon some horrible images. Images that I definitely don't want to see re created on the streets of Colchester or to be honest any street that I happen to be on. A mans genitals are his own personal kingdom and thus should not be on show for all the world to see. In my head you're only one step away from crotchless chaps, and that's a road I'm not prepared to go down. As I said I like to be cupped. Here are some unacceptable examples. 

Lets move on. This week we bought mannequins for the shop, a PA system to put on gigs in the shop, a sound system for the shop,  props for window displays in the shop, and a  massive mirror for the shop. It's almost as if the shop is quite important to us. It's starting to come together quite nicely,we just need somewhere to put it all now. Soon my pretties soon.

We did a great fair in Cambridge for Judy's affordable vintage and had a rollicking good time. I don't want to alienate any of our potential customers but any fair that doesn't have swing music is a good fair in my opinion. I'm not saying if you like swing music you're a div but you're gonna have to work slightly harder to get in my good books. It's worth it though cos once you're in my good books the benefits speak for themselves. I have to go and buy some paint now for, you've guessed it, the shop. Until next week, take care of yourself and each other. Jez x

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