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Ramblings for team Best Days as we embark on our vintage adventure


I always intended this blog to occur weekly, but like many of the things in life I commit to (the gym, jacket potato-based New Years resolutions, Buddhism, monogamy) it doesn't always work out. New policy is to write when I have something to say or when I feel like I've left it too long. I think it was Greta Garbo who once said, "Make sure your blog is regular and make damn sure you've got some jokes". Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was her. Very wise woman.

I'm trying to remember what's happened since we last spoke without checking the archives. If memory serves we were about to have our studen lock-in thing, which, without bragging was an unmitigated success. There was a queue right up the street to get in and when we opened the doors it was absolutely rammed inside. In many ways it reminded me of a gig by Steven and I's band, except that there was a queue to get in and there were lots of people there. It went so well that I'm sure we'll be doing more in the future so keep you ears to the ground. Talking of in-store events, we're looking to put a gig no in here on Wednesday 12th of March and then every 2nd Wednesday of the month, so if your'e in a band and consider yourself up to the required standard of 'quite good', then please drop off a demo or send us a link to your soundcloud or whatever bands put their music on these days. If you're a real showboater then come in the shop and serenade me. I'll turn my back and if you hit 'quite good' I'll turn around like on tThe Voice. What a shit programme. Who Dares Wins with Nick Knowles, now that's a programme. 


You may also be aware that our brand new club night Leisure is launched in a few weeks. I trust that you have put Friday 28th of February in your diary and are prepared to watch some ace bands, drink booze and then dance like a gonk to some top tunes. IT doesn't have to be in that order, in fact its's possible to do all three at the same time. How good does that poster look by the way? The very first Leisure will feature live sets from Arthur Gun and Summer Snomen, both of whom I'm really looking forward to seeing. I made a massive list of all the bands that I'd liek to hear played at a clubnight and it was hard to pick out the ones that represented the night best. I thought this list of some of the A bands just about summed up the eclectic mix of music that we play in Bestdays. I want to make it clear that bands beginning with other letters will also be featured. 

Both of these bands strike me as being very handsome so ladies get there early so you can get to the front, and write I love you on your eyelids like that girl out of Indiana Jones. You don't see that enough.

A lot of work is going on behind-the-scenes at the moment in to launching our website. We're hoping that by March we will have the capability to sell our wares online to the whole world! Ive finally admitted to myself and close friends that the internet has caught on and may well be here to stay. You have to embrae thse things eventually. I remember vowing never to join myspace and when I finally did everybody stopped using it. I shan't make that mistake again. Needless to say you'll hear about the new super website when it's ready but I can say for sure that it's going to look ace because I've seen previews and the people working on it are very talented.

We're getting some great new stock in at the moment and the old stock is getting marked down every week so it really does pay to visit us regularly. I must dash. I'm writing this in store and there's customers who need me. It was lovely speaking at your. Don't let the grain get you down. You could live in Somerset, or Seattle. Love you. Bye. Jez x