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Don't let the bells end!!

Don’t let the bells end. We’re Christmas jumper crazy.

How did this happen?
Hideous prints, the worse the better, if that makes any sense at all. The Christmas jumper is now a yearly staple. I’d bet Shakin' Stevens feels pretty smug now. Years of getting pelters for his fashion sense, but now he's cool as shit

I own 32 Christmas jumpers.. the eagle eyed would notice thats more than one a day over December. This is because on Christmas Eve, I have a day and night jumper.
This craze has been getting bigger for the last 4 years, and by the look of things its only going to get bigger again this year.
As we are a business that is part of the local community, we wanted to get involved with a local charity. So this year we are donating 10% of our Christmas jumper sales to the Robin Cancer Trust, a great local charity that raises awareness of germ cell cancer in young people.
Click HERE to find out more.
We like the idea of looking like a trendy plonker, whilst helping a cool charity!

I looked up on the internet “Christmas jumpers”, and this was the really helpful piece of advice; it’s a kind of instruction manual, for anyone that has never worn a jumper, or sweater..
'A Christmas jumper, or Christmas sweater, is often a knitted top pulled on over the head to cover the torso, that is themed with a Christmas or winter-style design'

So when would you wear your Christmas jumper?
-Go in to any location where the general public reside in December, you are almost guaranteed to see the “fun guy” in his jumper.
- The works-do, numerous places do the bad jumper party.
- Best Days Vintage 
- In the pub on a Friday in December.
- In a pound shop.
- In any location where a Paul McCartney Christmas song is enjoyed (my Dad’s front room).

What to wear your Christmas jumper with?
To be honest, anything goes. It doesn’t really mater, because they aren’t gonna be looking at the rest of your clothes, but if in doubt:
Classic pair of Skinny jeans, oversize Christmas jumper, ankle boots or DM’s will go down a treat. Simple, yet classic, or as Sir Paul may say.. “Simply wearing a wonderful Christmas knit.”  

Red Santa Chimney Sweater
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Green Santa Sweater.
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You can view our full online Christmas jumper selection by clicking HERE.

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