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Dungarees: Amazingly hillbilly now amazingly stylish

Originally the simple dungaree was designed as protective clothing.  Perfect for workwear as it was cheap to produce, yet surprisingly robust.  Denim rocks!  It was and still is perfect for taking part in hard manual labour (unlike me).  For this reason Slaves back in the day would wear them so that their clothing would not have to be replaced too often.  No one would like to see a naked slave bent over digging a field (unless he was into that thing).  The dungaree was seen as anti-style and associated with everything that was poor.  

Unknown (2).jpeg

It wasn't until the late 50's and early 60's that the dungaree began to be regarded as a fashion item and started to become a part of popular culture (although the women of the war helped to kick start the process).  Over the decades the dungaree has drifted in and out of fashion but rIght now in 2014 it is well and truly a part of life, in both the vintage scene and high street.  Vintage stores have always championed the dungaree, even when traditional stores have snubbed them!

For us, the beauty of the dungaree is it's versatility.  Customers of all ages, shapes, sizes and genders wear them.  Whether it be dungaree shorts, classic workwear dungarees, or something a little more fruity, there are a number of ways to spice up your wardrobe with the dungaree.


How to wear a wear? 

We will always recommend a loose fit with a roll up on the leg.  Maybe team up with a pair of high-top converse?  A good feature is the adjustable straps, if you get the waist right, then the length will look after itself (most of the time).  

For a girl; how about pairing with a little vest top, or flowing blouse buttoned up to the top? 

For a lad;  Why not embrace the American worker vibe.  Flannel shirt, trucker cap or just a simple tee?     How much wood, could a wood cutter cut?