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Halloween or not to be Halloween.

When I was a youngster, not too long ago, sure, Halloween was a bit of a non- event.  It was an American custom and a bit “over that side of the Atlantic” for us Brits.  
Like a lot of other things (Starbucks for example), things have changed.  Americanisation of our culture has really taken hold and Halloween is a good example of this.  A few short years later, every man, women, child and pet are out looking for that “killer” costume.  Yesterday we nearly sold out of Dungarees, as Chucky was the en-vogue outfit.  That will be scary enough on Friday, a bunch of grown adults dressed like babies.  Much like a regular night at that special club I used to go to.
We’re no different at the shop, as on Friday you will see members of staff going as “Andrew W.K”, a “dead Victorian chimney sweeper” and “the biker from the village people”.  In the shop you will be horrified by the spider webs, a giant man eating spider, bat masks, and a lot of velvet, and no its not that we haven’t kept up with the housekeeping.  It’s ruddy Halloween……mwahahahaha (evil laugh)

The cynical side of me, has always turned it’s nose up at fancy dress, and costumes, maybe this is because I look like I am in fancy dress most of the time anyway, so I don’t need to accentuate that.
"What have you come as Steve? ….A fat Russell Brand actually. “

This year things are a bit different, as we are hosting a LEISURE on the big night, with the theme being LEISURE heaven V’s LEISURE hell.  For this reason we are getting into the spirit of things. My dead chimney sweep costume is my version of hell... I don’t particularly like soot, or tight spaces.  I prefer my spaces to be more gaping.

What are you doing Friday? If you don’t have a plan, why not come down to the V-bar... It’s free entry, with 2 cool bands and banging ALT tunes both downstairs and upstairs.   The fast becoming famous POPSCENE cocktail and the spooky mix of ghouls, vampires, ghosts, and Andrew WK are just a few of many reasons to head down and join us for a devilishly fun evening. CLICK HERE to view the event page.

On the issue of Halloween costumes, what irks me most is the costume that is not Halloween inspired.

“I’m going as Noel Gallagher”
“I’m going as a vodka bottle”
“I’m going as a sexy nurse”

That’s not Halloween. That’s just fancy dress. If you went as “a dead sexy nurse” then you’d have my attention .

Interesting bit of Best Days trivia: This time last year, we received the keys to our shop, spent 3 days cleaning, and on Halloween we had a party.  It was an invite only affair, with the shop empty of all stock, rails, till and fitting rooms.  It was an empty shell. Maybe you were there?
It was a really exciting, and nervous time for us, and it means we have been open almost 1 year.  
Watch this space for our first birthday plans...

For us, Halloween don’t really mean ghosts, ghouls and vampires or being a dead sexy nurse. It means beginning, hope, and the first step to an exciting journey.
What does Halloween mean to you?