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Modern Life is Rubbish

Keen eyed readers will notice the de-humidifier. I could have cropped it out but I thought you'd want to know how we kept our windows so dry. 

Keen eyed readers will notice the de-humidifier. I could have cropped it out but I thought you'd want to know how we kept our windows so dry. 

Hi di hi campers! How is 2014 going for you so far? Personally I haven't noticed any difference from 2013 and that was good year so I'm perfectly happy. I haven't made any resolutions this year because last year I tried, and very quickly failed to give up jacket potatoes. It wasn't out of any need to lose weight or health reasons it was simply to see if I could. It turns out I have the will power of a horny teenage boy in a house full of porn. Anyway this year I haven't made any such foolish promises and for your information I am already in double figures for jacket potatoes consumed this year. 

Have you seen are new window display yet? Brilliant isn't it? It's hard to read the graffiti behind the mannequins but it says "Modern Life is Rubbish" which I feel needs some explaining. Like many of the things we do here the band Blur are intrinsically linked. Blur's second album was named after a bit of graffiti that Damon Albarn spotted on the Bayswater Road in London around 1992. It's a significant album for me in many ways. Although it's not the first one I heard, chronologically it's the first brilliant album they released. It marked the moment when they stopped aping other bands and found their own identity. It's also just packed full of amazing songs which are simultaneously clever and have an emotional impact. It pretty much inadvertently invented britpop while it was at it as well.  The band always looked cool but this period is where they dressed best. Tailored suits with doc martens, boating blazers, tweed jackets, classic British images. If you aren't familiar with the album then I suggest you go do some research.

This is the video for the first single from the album, For Tomorrow, which is kind of a classic. My favourite song on the album is called Resigned. Go listen. 

On to other business. Next Wednesday which is the 22nd of January, we are doing a student lock in event in the store. Any student with a valid card will get 20% off any full price items, the first 25 of you through the door will get a goody bag containing all manner of fun stuff. There will also be dj's and high quality jokes at the till. Possibly. It all kicks off at 6pm so get there promptly. 

You may have also heard that we are collaborating with Colchester's hippest venue V Bar to bring you a monthly club night. It will run every last friday of the month from February onwards and will feature live bands and dj's playing what I would call "good" music. If you are in a band then no problemo bring us in your demo and we'll have a listen and maybe put you on.  I'll bring you more detail like the name of the night when I have it but just put the dates in your diary for now. 

In store we have new stock coming in every week and old stock getting reduced to ridiculously cheap prices so I suggest you come and visit regularly. I look forward to seeing you. Happy new year. Jez x