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Best Days Vintage

Our Story

The tale of two friends, Colchester, a band and a love of Vintage. Sweet, isn't it?


Best Days Vintage opened their first store in the heart of Colchester, Essex, in November of 2013. Selling vintage clothes and accessories they quickly evolved into the most popular shop of its kind in the area, becoming a “must visit” location for the style-conscious and bargain hunters alike. Best Days has an ever-changing selection of one off garments from the 60’s to the 90’s to peruse (and hopefully buy). 

Sourced from Europe and North America the stock is a mixture of classic and trend lead pieces all available at affordable prices. Best Days insist on high quality, aspirational products coupled with an excellent level of customer service. They also pride themselves on a friendly relaxed atmosphere in store.


Steve Hurdle & Jez Dixon are best friends first, and business partners second.

 They worked for one of London’s biggest vintage chains for 10 years before deciding to branch out on their own and create Best Days Vintage. As life-long fans of the Colchester born band Blur and as average to quite good musicians themselves, it seemed appropriate for Blur to be the inspiration behind the company, in fact they are named after one of their songs. The company logo is a nod to the band, and they also have a blur display in store featuring framed posters and signed photographs. It’s fair to say Best Days Vintage, sure are fans. 

Left to right: Steve, Jez, Matt.

Left to right: Steve, Jez, Matt.


If this write-up feels over the top or too dry then it’s because Jez is writing it himself, and being quite a self -deprecating kind of bloke he finds it hard to say nice things about himself or his business. Strangely he has no problem writing in the third person. Just trust him/me; It’s a great shop with great product, at great prices run by ruddy great blokes.