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Guest Edits

I'm sassy and I know it.

Matthew Hurdle

I know normally this blog takes most of its style inspiration from Clueless, but I have come to appreciate that this leaves precious little room for the other big movement of the early noughties. That’s right people, this time I’m channelling the fashions from an era I know you will all remember, I’m talking really quite terrible but I know you all secretly love it- BAD pop RnB!! (Specifically JLo, obvz)

You would be excused for wondering how a white middle class girl from the ghetto of West Bergholt can channel any form of RnB, but let me tell you, a sassy backwards snapback can go a long way. (FYI I am so street I actually had to google to check if snapback was the correct word, I thought it was flatcap…).  


I am not one to be convinced by the transformative power of fashion, but rarely have I felt it so keenly than with this particular hat. Putting on the Havana Jesus snapback literally transformed my whole demeanour, from demure to, dare I say, sexy? Never before have I pulled such a pout in a photo.  


Teamed with the lazer cut white lace dress, the contrast of street wear with a dress your Granny would approve of (ok maybe not the length), the outfit was the perfect transitional statement for Spring.

Buoyed by my initial foray into streetstyle, we tried the purple lazer cut lacey dress to change it up. Obviously a hat was still needed, this time opting for a pork pie hat to channel my smarter side. For accessories, the lovely beaded necklace added some ethnic bling to the ensemble, finished off with a mini rucksack. This look is more hippy than street, but I think you can tell by my sassy texting face, that I was feeling more sultry than normal.  


Accessories can really alter your entire outlook on an outfit, so if you’re feeling in need of some extra sassy- and who isn’t?!- I would definitely recommend you keep a Havana Jesus snapback in your wardrobe. Just for those moments when you need to look in the mirror and tell yourself, yeah, I’m sassy and I know it. Preach it sister.