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Guest Edits

Rose's Top 10 Christmas Best Buys

Matthew Hurdle

We're deep into December now and whilst you're rushing about buying a multitude of Christmas presents, I've compiled a handy list of my top 10 best days Christmas buys. Please excuse my dodgy modelling!

1. First of all is the Best Days Vintage Christmas Gift Box. Including a £10 voucher, a 25% off voucher , a cozy tartan scarf, a 15% off web voucher and last but definitely not least the Best Days Mug, have a cuppa and be reminded of our lovely faces.  

2. Fur is an all time classic, faux obviously as having the RSPCA on your back is definitely not  chic. These fur head bands give an edge of Russian to your English  tweed or your Essex sparkles .

3. College Cardigans are at the opposite end of the country spectrum, Americano, and these ones by Pop are always very popular. Warm, Stylish and low maintenance, what more could you want?

4. It's hard to find vintage leather boots that are nice, comfortable and not made for leprechaun feet...luckily I found plenty. Apparently we're to expect the snowiest winter in Britain yet and us folks need to be prepared, throw away your flip flops and chuck on some chunky warmers.

5. Christmas Jumpers are literally around every corner and let's admit....they're everyone's guilty pleasure. However I draw the line at singing snowmen. These's are the, classic 'wear every year' type ones and pretty self explanatory. A must buy.

Green Santa Sweater.
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Red North Pole Sweater
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Goofy Xmas Jumper
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6. This time of year you have to carry around 5 extra pairs of socks, 2 umbrella's and a load of other random things, and that's just the essentials. So why not buy your loved ones a leather satchel that carries everything like Mary Poppins, but with more style!

7. Take a tip from the lumberjacks of the world a wear a flannel shirt, effortlessly comfy, cool and not tight enough to constrain the quality street belly's, these shirts are my favorite on the list.

8. Dungaree dresses mean you can layer up for the cold plus wear something that isn't ski wear. Love it or hate it the cold can really rain on your style parade, so the Pop dungaree dresses combine warm and style, a combo that's hard to do right!

9. Oh the humble scarf, practical and fashionable, shabby or chic, no one says no to a scarf for Christmas. They're almost as high up as socks on the list of 'the all time most un-surprising but useful gifts'. That's why you go to Best Days and get a tartan scarf that isn't Marks and Sparks casual wear, add an element of wow.

10. Time travels fast at Christmas, counting down the days is stressful but oh so worth it when you can sit down on Christmas day and watch the minutes slowly tick away until the East Enders special with a chunky watch. It can be hard to find someone wearing a watch that isn't Micheal Kors right now, so finding one unique is a definite! Take this one for example, brought to us by Lego Monki products.

Rose x