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Guest Edits


Matthew Hurdle

New Years Eve evokes a variety of emotions in me, and I hope you all. At first there is the excitement of what promises to be a fabulous night out, the hope that, when the clock strikes 12, you will find the boy you've been making eyes at all year but you missed your chance at the Christmas party because you were too drunk... 

 Can't liiiiiiiivvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee if living is without youuuuuuuu

Can't liiiiiiiivvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee if living is without youuuuuuuu

Then comes the twinge of fear, what will I be doing?! What if I'm left all alone eating till I puke and choking on my own vomit, only to be discovered weeks later being eaten by Alsatians... 

Ok so maybe I stole the alsatian bit from Bridget Jones but a girl needs a style icon to channel and sometimes even I need to copy someone other than Cher from Clueless. So this New Years Eve I recommend that you embrace the silliness of the whole holiday, it is after all, the only time of year that it is practically encouraged to be very silly.  

 This girl is having a good time right 

This girl is having a good time right 

The theme of this blog is bedazzled glitter with a slightly (very) camp twist. I think it got so cold in the Best Days studio that I think we took the circus theme too far... 

I call this look the 'Genie in the bottle look'. Think Christina Aguilera meeting the entire cast of Disney's Aladdin to create a strange pantomime look, sure to rival anyone else at the New Years Eve party of your choice.

And why not, Aladdin is a pretty great style icon and very en trend with his 90s inspired spagetti strapped crop top and neon colour scheme. I felt (as many others will agree) that after too many mince pies and chocolate over the festive season my abs weren't really up to full exposure. But that is where the sheer shirt comes into its own, sheer enough to be sexy, but offering enough protection to shield your less than bikini ready stomach. Teamed with some high waisted Levis and a pork pie hat, just because. Creepy twisted grin is optional. 

For a slightly more grown up styling of the sparkly crop top, try it with a leather skirt and another sheer shirt. The stringy straps are obviously pretty risky as with one yank you will be topless infront of the whole party, but hey I did say we were channeling Bridget didn't I. 

Probably the most traditional of all the looks, this is a simple look that says 'I'm fun' without leaving you open to boob flashing embarrassment. I loved the pleated school skirt teamed with the rainbow sparkly cami vest. It's just the right amount of post christmas tinsel. 

If you're wondering why I'm still wearing the sheer shirt, it was very cold in there.