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Guest Edits

Fur Real Y'all

Matthew Hurdle

Like many people, I am slightly afraid of faux fur. At worst they can make you look like a Cruella DeVille impersonator crossed between a lady of the night, perhaps not the look you were going for... 

However, when done well, the fur look can add a not so subtle touch of glamour to your eveningwear, plus they are super cosy to keep you toasty on a winter’s evening. Cover up a tight party frock with an oversized fur to create a contrast in textures and silhouettes. 

More Munroe, less DeVille

Perhaps it was the corrugated iron backdrop and disapproving looks I received from Sunday shoppers that made me feel like the combination of sparkles and leopard print was verging dangerously close to the Cruella end of style icons, but hey she does rock that look.

Don’t feel like a fur coat is reserved exclusively for after dark, paired with a floppy fedora and a printed scarf the fur can work in the day without making you feel like a wannabe member of the cast of Downton Abbey. Sassy pout optional.

A fur has the potential to bring out the inner celebrity within you. Whilst wearing a fur, you may find yourself skipping the queue for the bus, ignoring the ‘don’t walk on the grass sign’ and bagging the last good sweet in the pack of Tangfastics (no one likes the green ones). This outfit encapsulates the inner sass some fluff can channel. A white faux fur teamed with a pink satin mini dress (very Bridesmades), perfect for a more demure evening ensemble. 

Look below for Faux Furs available to purchase now, or drop by the store to see a larger selection including the ones modelled by myself above.