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Guest Edits

How to Rock the Pop Crop.

Matthew Hurdle

Hello, my name is Ellie, and today I'm going to talk to you about the vintage inspired crop tops in store at the moment.  Brought to you by pop, in a variation of patterns and colourful designs, they're a must have this season. 
I've modelled a few to show how they can be the main attraction of any outfit, and add the perfect retro feel to many occasions. 


The Hawaiian print crop (£16) paired with a clear rain mac (£5), and some round sunglasses (£10), is a great way to stay looking cool and dry in the inevitable shit festival weather. 


This second look shows the 90s print Pop top, with an oversized Levi's shirt, creating a grunge feel. It is then teamed with some pink sunglasses, matching the colours in the crop.  A great organised, yet relaxed outfit!

 Ignore the grump bloke behind the till. He's only allowed in on Wednesdays. 

Ignore the grump bloke behind the till. He's only allowed in on Wednesdays. 

This final piece models the polka dot print, reflecting a vintage 60's vibe.  This is them paired with a classic festival shell jacket, and some bright neon sunglasses to finish the look off. 

These popular crop tops also come in more designs and colours, which are shown below:  

Come and get yours now, in-store for £16. 
Ellie x

I'm sassy and I know it.

Matthew Hurdle

I know normally this blog takes most of its style inspiration from Clueless, but I have come to appreciate that this leaves precious little room for the other big movement of the early noughties. That’s right people, this time I’m channelling the fashions from an era I know you will all remember, I’m talking really quite terrible but I know you all secretly love it- BAD pop RnB!! (Specifically JLo, obvz)

You would be excused for wondering how a white middle class girl from the ghetto of West Bergholt can channel any form of RnB, but let me tell you, a sassy backwards snapback can go a long way. (FYI I am so street I actually had to google to check if snapback was the correct word, I thought it was flatcap…).  


I am not one to be convinced by the transformative power of fashion, but rarely have I felt it so keenly than with this particular hat. Putting on the Havana Jesus snapback literally transformed my whole demeanour, from demure to, dare I say, sexy? Never before have I pulled such a pout in a photo.  


Teamed with the lazer cut white lace dress, the contrast of street wear with a dress your Granny would approve of (ok maybe not the length), the outfit was the perfect transitional statement for Spring.

Buoyed by my initial foray into streetstyle, we tried the purple lazer cut lacey dress to change it up. Obviously a hat was still needed, this time opting for a pork pie hat to channel my smarter side. For accessories, the lovely beaded necklace added some ethnic bling to the ensemble, finished off with a mini rucksack. This look is more hippy than street, but I think you can tell by my sassy texting face, that I was feeling more sultry than normal.  


Accessories can really alter your entire outlook on an outfit, so if you’re feeling in need of some extra sassy- and who isn’t?!- I would definitely recommend you keep a Havana Jesus snapback in your wardrobe. Just for those moments when you need to look in the mirror and tell yourself, yeah, I’m sassy and I know it. Preach it sister.

Aztec Fantastic

Matthew Hurdle

Sooo, originally this post was meant to be about Mom jeans dyed in funky out there colours. However, due to a technical fault  (aka the jeans were too small to fit around my winter bulking thighs), we reverted to the safer and altogether warmer plan B- The Aztec Jacket. 

This will also explain the slightly manic look I have on my face, as I had just spent half an hour trying to squeeze into 10 different pairs of illfitting jeans – not the best way to spend a Thursday evening I can assure you. The only thing getting me through was the promise of a beer and burger at The Three Wise Monkeys after we’d finished. 

I like to think of the Aztec jacket as the younger, leftfield cousin to the Cowboy leather Jacket. Certainly, geographically these two have a lot in common, but the Aztec currently has the fashion edge. With the geometric prints contrasting with suede fabrics and oversized button details, the Aztec jacket is a cosy way of staying with the Pyjama as outerwear trend that is still set to be massive SS15. 

That said, it takes a certain sort of person to pull one off, especially as many of the ones I tried were so stiff I moved like a robot. Ladies will need to remember to pair the large oversized jacket with a figure hugging silhouette underneath. 

Aztec Jackets are so warm you won’t need many more layers, so they make the perfect going out coat. Slip it on over your LBD and you’re good to go from busstop to pub to club and beyond. Plus the pockets double as gloves for your freezing hands. Yay! 


Matthew Hurdle

New Years Eve evokes a variety of emotions in me, and I hope you all. At first there is the excitement of what promises to be a fabulous night out, the hope that, when the clock strikes 12, you will find the boy you've been making eyes at all year but you missed your chance at the Christmas party because you were too drunk... 

 Can't liiiiiiiivvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee if living is without youuuuuuuu

Can't liiiiiiiivvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee if living is without youuuuuuuu

Then comes the twinge of fear, what will I be doing?! What if I'm left all alone eating till I puke and choking on my own vomit, only to be discovered weeks later being eaten by Alsatians... 

Ok so maybe I stole the alsatian bit from Bridget Jones but a girl needs a style icon to channel and sometimes even I need to copy someone other than Cher from Clueless. So this New Years Eve I recommend that you embrace the silliness of the whole holiday, it is after all, the only time of year that it is practically encouraged to be very silly.  

 This girl is having a good time right 

This girl is having a good time right 

The theme of this blog is bedazzled glitter with a slightly (very) camp twist. I think it got so cold in the Best Days studio that I think we took the circus theme too far... 

I call this look the 'Genie in the bottle look'. Think Christina Aguilera meeting the entire cast of Disney's Aladdin to create a strange pantomime look, sure to rival anyone else at the New Years Eve party of your choice.

And why not, Aladdin is a pretty great style icon and very en trend with his 90s inspired spagetti strapped crop top and neon colour scheme. I felt (as many others will agree) that after too many mince pies and chocolate over the festive season my abs weren't really up to full exposure. But that is where the sheer shirt comes into its own, sheer enough to be sexy, but offering enough protection to shield your less than bikini ready stomach. Teamed with some high waisted Levis and a pork pie hat, just because. Creepy twisted grin is optional. 

For a slightly more grown up styling of the sparkly crop top, try it with a leather skirt and another sheer shirt. The stringy straps are obviously pretty risky as with one yank you will be topless infront of the whole party, but hey I did say we were channeling Bridget didn't I. 

Probably the most traditional of all the looks, this is a simple look that says 'I'm fun' without leaving you open to boob flashing embarrassment. I loved the pleated school skirt teamed with the rainbow sparkly cami vest. It's just the right amount of post christmas tinsel. 

If you're wondering why I'm still wearing the sheer shirt, it was very cold in there.  

Rose's Top 10 Christmas Best Buys

Matthew Hurdle

We're deep into December now and whilst you're rushing about buying a multitude of Christmas presents, I've compiled a handy list of my top 10 best days Christmas buys. Please excuse my dodgy modelling!

1. First of all is the Best Days Vintage Christmas Gift Box. Including a £10 voucher, a 25% off voucher , a cozy tartan scarf, a 15% off web voucher and last but definitely not least the Best Days Mug, have a cuppa and be reminded of our lovely faces.  

2. Fur is an all time classic, faux obviously as having the RSPCA on your back is definitely not  chic. These fur head bands give an edge of Russian to your English  tweed or your Essex sparkles .

3. College Cardigans are at the opposite end of the country spectrum, Americano, and these ones by Pop are always very popular. Warm, Stylish and low maintenance, what more could you want?

4. It's hard to find vintage leather boots that are nice, comfortable and not made for leprechaun feet...luckily I found plenty. Apparently we're to expect the snowiest winter in Britain yet and us folks need to be prepared, throw away your flip flops and chuck on some chunky warmers.

5. Christmas Jumpers are literally around every corner and let's admit....they're everyone's guilty pleasure. However I draw the line at singing snowmen. These's are the, classic 'wear every year' type ones and pretty self explanatory. A must buy.

Green Santa Sweater.
Add To Cart
Red North Pole Sweater
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Goofy Xmas Jumper
Add To Cart

6. This time of year you have to carry around 5 extra pairs of socks, 2 umbrella's and a load of other random things, and that's just the essentials. So why not buy your loved ones a leather satchel that carries everything like Mary Poppins, but with more style!

7. Take a tip from the lumberjacks of the world a wear a flannel shirt, effortlessly comfy, cool and not tight enough to constrain the quality street belly's, these shirts are my favorite on the list.

8. Dungaree dresses mean you can layer up for the cold plus wear something that isn't ski wear. Love it or hate it the cold can really rain on your style parade, so the Pop dungaree dresses combine warm and style, a combo that's hard to do right!

9. Oh the humble scarf, practical and fashionable, shabby or chic, no one says no to a scarf for Christmas. They're almost as high up as socks on the list of 'the all time most un-surprising but useful gifts'. That's why you go to Best Days and get a tartan scarf that isn't Marks and Sparks casual wear, add an element of wow.

10. Time travels fast at Christmas, counting down the days is stressful but oh so worth it when you can sit down on Christmas day and watch the minutes slowly tick away until the East Enders special with a chunky watch. It can be hard to find someone wearing a watch that isn't Micheal Kors right now, so finding one unique is a definite! Take this one for example, brought to us by Lego Monki products.

Rose x

Jump on it

Matthew Hurdle

Jumpsuits were once only for fashion’s fearless trailblazers, now they are a staple of most women’s wardrobes. Perhaps it’s the ease with which a jumpsuit provides an instant outfit choice, or maybe it’s the added drama wearing a jumpsuit provides when trying to get out of it in a hurry- who’s gonna win on that race to the toilet, you or your zip?


If you’ve not already embraced the romper, what are you waiting for, it will make for the perfect alternative to the LBD come party season of December, giving you a failsafe option for a last minute party or office do. 

However, a word of caution… A jumpsuit is one thing. A vintage jumpsuit is quite another level of commitment to the look. I’m talking bell bottomed flares, I’m talking garish prints and bold colours. But that is half the fun of vintage dressing in my opinion, you’re always treading a fine line between amazing and truly hideous, I will leave you to be the judge of what side these jumpsuits fall on…


This jumpsuit  (although slightly VPLing me) was in the words of Steve Carrel, ‘the perfect combination of sexy and cute’. The red floral panelling was demure and contrasted really nicely with the waist cinching style of the bottom half.  A great choice for a work do. 


An electric blue all in one number, some might say I look a bit like a mechanic but they were just jealous. This jumpsuit is perfect for wearing when you’re unsure of how hard you’re gonna go. For the day, team with your favourite floppy hat and sneakers, add flatform heels and a lipstick for an evening appointment. 


I loved the lacey top half of this romper. The long sleeves really made it stand out from other party choices and make you want to float about like a 70s superstar. Accessorise with strappy black sandals and a moody lipstick and you’ll be good to hit the tiles.  

Fur Real Y'all

Matthew Hurdle

Like many people, I am slightly afraid of faux fur. At worst they can make you look like a Cruella DeVille impersonator crossed between a lady of the night, perhaps not the look you were going for... 

However, when done well, the fur look can add a not so subtle touch of glamour to your eveningwear, plus they are super cosy to keep you toasty on a winter’s evening. Cover up a tight party frock with an oversized fur to create a contrast in textures and silhouettes. 

More Munroe, less DeVille

Perhaps it was the corrugated iron backdrop and disapproving looks I received from Sunday shoppers that made me feel like the combination of sparkles and leopard print was verging dangerously close to the Cruella end of style icons, but hey she does rock that look.

Don’t feel like a fur coat is reserved exclusively for after dark, paired with a floppy fedora and a printed scarf the fur can work in the day without making you feel like a wannabe member of the cast of Downton Abbey. Sassy pout optional.

A fur has the potential to bring out the inner celebrity within you. Whilst wearing a fur, you may find yourself skipping the queue for the bus, ignoring the ‘don’t walk on the grass sign’ and bagging the last good sweet in the pack of Tangfastics (no one likes the green ones). This outfit encapsulates the inner sass some fluff can channel. A white faux fur teamed with a pink satin mini dress (very Bridesmades), perfect for a more demure evening ensemble. 

Look below for Faux Furs available to purchase now, or drop by the store to see a larger selection including the ones modelled by myself above.

The secret life of girls

Matthew Hurdle

During the Summer, us ladies frequent the gym, pumping iron and denying carbs before the prolific Marbs bikini catwalk. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that we do it to punish our bodies; we do it to look fabulous in our Summer wardrobe of skimpy shorts and low slung jeans. However, have you ever wondered what happens to this type of fair weather gym bunny? Where do these creature go to hibernate, and more importantly, what do they wear?! 


This blog is here to shed some light on the mystery of the winter woman. We aren’t hiding, just enjoying life, curled slumped infront of Downton Abbey surrounded by foods with a high sugar/fat content. Anything from Haribos to Ben and Jerry’s will do as my boyfriend will attest to, just as long as it isn’t pretending to be healthy in any way. 

 Yes that is authentic cake in my mouth. We're all about authenticity here at Best Days

Yes that is authentic cake in my mouth. We're all about authenticity here at Best Days

When lounging in this manner, it is important to remember that style is still important. When we’re not prancing about in swimwear, instead it’s knitwear that’s the wardrobe essential for AW of any season, but in particular 2014/15. In case you haven’t already heard the news, this season rugs are in. Yep you heard it, rugs. So when you’re sprawled in front of the TV watching another rerun of Lewis, huddled under a gingham throw, you are still the height of fashion! That is the beauty of winter my friends. 

 Accessorise with your favourite hot drink, here I've chosen hot chocolate

Accessorise with your favourite hot drink, here I've chosen hot chocolate

Knitwear is the staple of any girls AW wardrobe. When it comes to knitwear the bolder the better, I like to choose knitwear in the same way a magpie would select items for its nest, sparkly, bright and easy to find when I’m getting ready of a dark winter morning. 

 Just kicking back with my subscription of The Ultimate Golf Bible

Just kicking back with my subscription of The Ultimate Golf Bible

In short, winter aint no picnic. Shorter days and colder temperatures can really get a gal down, but don't be disheartened, embrace the slob in you with co-ordinating snacks and entertainment but don't let your knit game slide- it's the only thing that separates you from your mum... 
Fran x

Totally, utterly, Clueless

Matthew Hurdle


Ok I'll admit, I am obsessed with tartan... it reminds me of everything great about the 90's, I mean have you seen Clueless?! 

Coupled with the Iggy Izalea Charli XCX Fancy Clueless remake, tartan is having a major comeback this season and I am majorly crushin' on the look.  

Plaid, tartan, however you wanna call it, this pattern needs investing in this AW14, go for coordinate skirt and blazer if you're feeling real throwback, or tone it down if you're not quite that adventurous yet with a contrasting plain jeans or skirt. 



Red Tartan Full length Oversized Blazer

Complete with black velvet buttons/collar and 2 front pockets. 

  • Approximate size:  Small
  • Bust/Chest: 40"
  • Length:  76cm
  • Sleeve:  42cm
  • Frances: Size Small, 5ft 6"
  • Label: Petite sophisticate
  • Fabric: 50% polyester, 20% wool, 25% Acrylic, 5% mixed.
  • Condition: Excellent

Shoulder pads can add some sass to a work ensemble, taking power dressing to new heights. Team with knee high black boots and a slick of purple lip to ease you into autumn.  A hard days shopping counts as work right...


Full length wool blazer

Women's single breasted blazer in grey with classic red and cream check pattern.

  • Approximate size:  Small/Medium
  • Bust/Chest: 42"
  • Length:  74cm
  • Sleeve:  41cm
  • Model: Size Small, 5ft 6"
  • Label: Talbots
  • Fabric: 100% Wool
  • Condition: Excellent

Don't be afraid to team tartan with leather, although these two contrasting fabrics and styles may seem incompatible, they compliment each other in terms of the silhouette they create. By mixing a tight leather (mini) skirt with an oversized blazer, you will have the perfect balance of girly and boyfriend styles. 


Charcoal houndstooth blazer

Oversized single breasted blazer in grey with houndstooth style print and  suede effect collar (oversized fit for S/M). 

  • Approximate size:  S/M
  • Bust/Chest:  96cm
  • Length:  74cm
  • Sleeve:  40cm
  • Label: Petite Sophisticate & Co. 
  • Fabric:  Wool outer
  • Condition: Excellent

Go for a back to school vibe with smart black court shoes and a chic tartan blazer, you're never too old to throw it back to your new pencil case and rucksack days. Must have accessories include, filofax, retro mobile and an improving book. 

90's Neon

Matthew Hurdle



fresh prince .jpg

If a windbreaker was good enough for Will Smith then its good enough for me, the archetypal 90's statement jacket was very much like the Fresh Prince, loud, offensive but strangely attractive...

 Too jazzy?

Too jazzy?

Once you accept the fact that your jacket is a potential fire hazard, you can embrace the windbreaker as your go to piece for adding a splash of summer sun to a dull autumn day. These 90's babies have been spotted at festivals across the board throughout SS14, but to integrate them to a winter wardrobe simply requires careful layering. Who wants to be dull in October eh! 

The 90's windbreaker is normally oversized and highly flamable, so to counter this it's best to team it with something tight and plain. Here I've gone for a simple black A Line dress layered with a white tee. In the chillier months, add a roll neck, tights and high tops for the true sporty look. 

The idea of this throw back trend is not to take yourself too seriously, so have some fun with it!

These jackets will all be available to purchase online by the end of the week, so watch this space. 

Three ways to wear Mom Jeans

Matthew Hurdle



The humble jean can do so much more than just your everyday go to slouch wear. Check out this handy guide to the endless possibilities of my pair of vintage Levi's Mom Jeans, available on Best Days Vintage.

1. The first date

Team your jeans with a casual vest and flatform heels for a relaxed chic feel, but up the glamour with a luxurious (faux) fur. Drape over your shoulders in manner of cape if you want to be bang on trend.

2. A day hitting the books. Hard.     

Flat tan loafers and a sheepskin coat go down a treat when you're running from class to library to coffee shop, the former make walking easy and the latter mean you can snuggle and potentially fall asleep if studying gets too tough. We've all been there.

3. The big night out. 

Legs are so overrated and I've seen enough denim cut offs to last a lifetime so inject something different to the average nighttime wardrobe and don a pair of moms. Teamed with a bit of a saucy top- when is the back not saucy?! Alternative options are crop top or a cropped shirt. Balance out the masculine jeans with an elegant court shoe.

Fran. x