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See our collection of Levis Denim Jackets, Vintage Dresses, Hawaiian Shirts and American Sportswear. Browse our catalogue of customized and re-worked pieces for a real unique shopping experience. 

Bestdays: A vintage Adventure

Ramblings for team Best Days as we embark on our vintage adventure

Tis The Season To Wear Vintage

Matthew Hurdle

WOW what a banger of a week we had here at Best Days Vintage, welcoming all the freshers and the not so fresh students back into the shop with a cracking 25% off night. Was a great night to be a part of in the town, with a vibe that can only be described as “buzzing. We also visited Essex Uni to be part of their own freshers fair,  spreading the Best Days love, welcoming new students from across the world with a free Best Days Shopper bag, which seem to be spreading through the uni quicker than the clap in freshers week. I was surprised to see all the different societies that you could be a part of at University and one caught my eye that includes both my loves in life. So you are looking at the newest member of The Extreme Ironing Society.

As the late great Jon Snow (not the channel 4 newsreader) would say ‘Winter is Coming’ and he aint arf right there kids. With the temperature forecasted to drop to arctic conditions, its time to think about putting those summer of love tie dye t-shirts and those levi hot pants back in the loft for another year. Its all about layers and textures from here on in, and we got some great stock to show you guys. On our ASOS Marketplace page with a great collection of Autumn/Winter pieces to see you through the cold spell.

A question for all you lady babes out there.. What’s warm, chic and furry all over? That’s right, Mr Cuddles, my Norwegian forest cat. But enough about that little bundle of joy, it’s Faux-fur season. Being kind to animals is always in style, and showing your love for them by mimicking their warm pelts is a definite Best Days fashion must for keeping you nice and toasty inside and out. 



Autumn and winter essentials consist of many things; Cuppa soup, heavy vintage knits, layering pieces and cozy textiles. Thankfully, one key garment combines all these things in one (cuppa soup not included): The Poncho. You can create a cool stylish look, have a nice change from all the winter coats and still keep yourself warm.

Don’t worry fellas theres something for you lot too. With the Del Boy look well and truly in fashion, we’ve got a great selection of corduroy fleece lined jackets, perfect for selling watches and those dodgy ‘proper copy init’ dvds out the back of your van. Chunky mens knitwear cardigans for those more mature fellas that are in touch with their Grandad side. 

Be sure to dress up as a sexy cat or the generic devil and come along to LEISURE, our Halloween themed night club at Vbar Colchester on the Friday 30th October.  CLICK HERE for event details