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Bestdays: A vintage Adventure

Ramblings for team Best Days as we embark on our vintage adventure

Spring Watch: Cropped Trousers

Matthew Hurdle

Spring Watch: The rise of the cropped trouser.

If 2015 was the year of the filter then I assure you 2016 will be the year of the crop. Only I'm not talking in photographic terms when I talk about a crop.

This spring the cropped trouser will be the strongest look a man can pull off. So put your skinny jeans away for a while and let me talk you through some looks you can rock whilst "jacking up" those slacks.

The first look takes a simple plain black smart cropped trouser. Add in a striped roll neck neatly tucked into the trousers, think Harrisson Koiser from Peace a man who really rocks that Parisian look. Often donning a Breton stripe. Then I've gone for a vintage white corduroy zipped over-shirt sleeves rolled up allowing more of the stripes to be on view. Accessorized with a Topshop studded western belt. Finished with a pop of colour in a pair of converse hi-tops. This could look equally as good with any causal trainers or even some black brogues.

The second look is one slightly more daring. DISCLAIMER: CONATINS A DOUBLE PRINT. Here I've gone for a patterned black and white checked crop trouser (I dig these a lot). Then a short sleeved revere collared Hawaiian/floral shirt; the revere collar is also going to be big this spring summer so be sure to stock your wardrobe with lots of heavy prints and open buttoned collars. I've accessorized with a brown belt however i feel it would look better with a black belt. Finished with my trusty Topshop leather jacket.

As the weather gets warmer this look will really come into its own, I'll often be opting for a cropped trouser - as an alternative to shorts - and a basic lightweight scooped tee finished with a slip on trainer or summer shoe.

So crop til you drop. Thanks for reading this far.  
Big love ✌🏻️


Spring Watch: Scarfs

Matthew Hurdle

The must have accessory for me this spring is scarfs. Skinny scarfs/cravats/knits anything you can wrap you neck in.

Skinny scarfs are especially popular in women's fashion at the moment but that is no reason as to why us men can't get on board. I happen to find this look extremely cool, think Jagger or Noel Fielding. Noel is arguably the King of accessorizing. Be it a feather boa or a tie he almost always uses his neck area as the focal point of his outfits. Which are often garish to the extreme.
Here I've gone for the more subtle approach of a basic low scoop white tee from Topman and a Topshop boutique leather jacket. Simple and easy look but finished off with a Topshop £2, yes £2 skinny scarf makes the outfit far more exciting. A sort of rock and roll androgyny ready for a night grooving about town. (Excuse the pout I was summoning my inner zoolander)  #bluesteel

Another option is the cravat. My favorite scarf at the moment is one I got from Nick Grimshaw's range for Topman. It works with so many outfits and can be worn multiple ways.

Here it is worn very relaxed with a simple low loop. Again a topman black scoop tee and a topshop suede Mac. Perfect for any time or place.

Or a bit of the mod look and wear it high to the neck with an all black outfit, let the colour in the scarf do the talking, although I have added in my favourite bit of detailing in fringing on this H&M suede jacket.
I'm currently building my scarf collection for this spring as I feel they really are the must have accessory. I find a trip down to Best Days Vintage is always great for my scarf needs. A great collection of the funkiest of patterned scarfs/cravats. Check them out.
Big Love ✌🏻️

Merry Christmas You Filthy Animals

Jez Dixon

Well Ho Ho Ho if it isn't that time of year again. Can I be frank with you reader? No? Well then I shall be earnest. My last couple of Christmi (that's the plural) have been somewhat mediocre compared to previous years. I'm a big Christmas guy. I will always immerse myself fully in Christmas spirit but the joy levels haven't been up to scratch. Well let me tell you it's back baby and I'm going balls deep into Christmas. I sincerely hope you are too.


December 18th (that's this Friday) is Christmas jumper day. Now I know that you are a keen witted individualist and you won't be told what to wear and when to wear it but on this day you're going to put that aside and you're going to embrace Christmas like you did when you were 8. The good thing about the Christmas jumpers at Bestdays is that every one of them is unique so you can join in without being the same as everyone else.  The bad thing about our Christmas jumpers is that some of them are absolutely hideous. But then isn't that the point? I would comfortably claim that we have the best collection of bad Christmas jumpers in the state. (He likes American things now).

Here's our friend Chelsea in her bestdays "ugly" Christmas jumper. Her words not mine.

Here's our friend Chelsea in her bestdays "ugly" Christmas jumper. Her words not mine.

The day after boxing day is a Sunday and it won't feel like a Sunday because you'll have that weird "what day is it?" feeling and you'll want to drink. A lot. We have just the place and occasion for you to do that. Imagine a club night with loads of live bands, DJ's playing tunes you love and moneybeing raised for charity. You've just imagined this months Leisure written and hosted by v bar, bestdaysvintage and The Robin Cancer trust. We also celebrate steve's birthday on the 27th (even though it's actually on Christmas day). I know he would love you to be there because he often feels like his birthday is somewhat neglected. Jesus is the ultimate thunder stealer.


Have an ace Christmas wherever you are and see you soon. Love you byeeeeeeeeee. Jez xxxxx


Matthew Hurdle

Here at Best Days Vintage we are preparing ourselves for the craziest day in retail. That day is Black Friday. Not just in Essex but worldwide, people will be waking up at the crack of dawn to make their way through the hordes of people to start their Christmas shopping or just to bag a 50inch TV to watch the footy on. Here at Best Days we are not only doing Black Friday but Saturday AND Sunday. I know right? We must be mad to inflict such craziness upon ourselves. We are offering a huge 30% off of everything. YES EVERYTHING. (excluding Jez. Jez is not for sale) 

After all that shopping you are going to want a alcoholic beverage right? Well luckily enough we have our Club night Leisure at Colchester's finest Vbar. Featuring live music, special cocktails and drink deals.

With Christmas only around the corner you should seriously be thinking about what ridiculous Christmas jumper you should wear to your works party. After all if you're going to approach your work colleague who you've fancied for ages you need to be looking your best. Luckily we have the Christmas jumpers sorted but whatever chat up line you decide to use is totally up to you. I find the 'Can you file a workplace safety incident report? i just fell for you' never worked for me. 



Matthew Hurdle

Another week here at Best Days HQ and boy has it been a busy one. We are in the process of releasing our first video on our new Youtube channel, which gives you an insight into not only the vintage clothing selling side of things but our love for music and lamps. I love lamp. Featuring many aspects of the shop, the preparation of clothes, and a behind the scenes look of our online Asos boutique. It features our diva model Connor who is Mariah Carey-like in his demands. Working conditions must be at a cosy 22 degrees and he only eats red M&Ms. Co-incidentally he does also have a 5 octave vocal range.

Conner meeting his idol on a shoot. No red M&Ms were conceived on this day

Conner meeting his idol on a shoot. No red M&Ms were conceived on this day

We also include highlights from past events from our monthly alternative club night Leisure which showcases local bands plus up and coming London bands and plays the hottest alternative indie tunes. This month's Leisure is a Halloween special with a Heaven & Hell special so get out your halos and your horny devil costume and come join us.

Not only is Best Days Vintage the hottest vintage clothing shop in town but occasionally once in a while when the working day has ended we get out the disco lights and the glitter ball and transform the shop into a music venue and host our very own free in-store gigs, creating a intimate gig setting with discounts on clothes for one night only. Recently we had F.O.X ,who supported Depeche Mode on their stadium tour, pop down for a stadium-worthy performance with a eye retina burning lighting display.

In other news the darkest Friday of the year is fast approaching. Yes I’m talking about the day where manners go out the window, you turn into a magpie searching for that golden egg and you will stop at nothing until it is in your grubby little hands. It’s Black Friday. Expect massive discounts across the shop and Jez armed with pepper spray to control the masses.

Tis The Season To Wear Vintage

Matthew Hurdle

WOW what a banger of a week we had here at Best Days Vintage, welcoming all the freshers and the not so fresh students back into the shop with a cracking 25% off night. Was a great night to be a part of in the town, with a vibe that can only be described as “buzzing. We also visited Essex Uni to be part of their own freshers fair,  spreading the Best Days love, welcoming new students from across the world with a free Best Days Shopper bag, which seem to be spreading through the uni quicker than the clap in freshers week. I was surprised to see all the different societies that you could be a part of at University and one caught my eye that includes both my loves in life. So you are looking at the newest member of The Extreme Ironing Society.

As the late great Jon Snow (not the channel 4 newsreader) would say ‘Winter is Coming’ and he aint arf right there kids. With the temperature forecasted to drop to arctic conditions, its time to think about putting those summer of love tie dye t-shirts and those levi hot pants back in the loft for another year. Its all about layers and textures from here on in, and we got some great stock to show you guys. On our ASOS Marketplace page with a great collection of Autumn/Winter pieces to see you through the cold spell.

A question for all you lady babes out there.. What’s warm, chic and furry all over? That’s right, Mr Cuddles, my Norwegian forest cat. But enough about that little bundle of joy, it’s Faux-fur season. Being kind to animals is always in style, and showing your love for them by mimicking their warm pelts is a definite Best Days fashion must for keeping you nice and toasty inside and out. 



Autumn and winter essentials consist of many things; Cuppa soup, heavy vintage knits, layering pieces and cozy textiles. Thankfully, one key garment combines all these things in one (cuppa soup not included): The Poncho. You can create a cool stylish look, have a nice change from all the winter coats and still keep yourself warm.

Don’t worry fellas theres something for you lot too. With the Del Boy look well and truly in fashion, we’ve got a great selection of corduroy fleece lined jackets, perfect for selling watches and those dodgy ‘proper copy init’ dvds out the back of your van. Chunky mens knitwear cardigans for those more mature fellas that are in touch with their Grandad side. 

Be sure to dress up as a sexy cat or the generic devil and come along to LEISURE, our Halloween themed night club at Vbar Colchester on the Friday 30th October.  CLICK HERE for event details

Best Dressed at the Free Fest.

Matthew Hurdle

The end of festival season is fast approaching, I know right, it’s like only just started!   Here at Best Days Vintage, We wanted to make the most of what’s left, and have a couple of last hurrahs before the Autumn jackets are let out.  There aren’t many chances to get dressed up in an outfit where Wellington Boots are plus point for the outfit, unless you attend that river wading birthday party you were invited to on Facebook. 

For us, this summer has been all about bright prints, 70’s revivals, too much drink, dream catchers, and which bands emerged victorious at Glastonbury, Lionel Richie. With these hazy memories, we look ahead to the best Festivals still to come, and luckily for us, one of them, is free entry, local, and boasting some of the best music this side of the A12.  

The Colchester Free Festival opens its doors Saturday 29th, and Sunday 30th August. 

Competition time….

We are launching a competition on Instagram for the best Festival Style shot to be taken and sent to us over the weekend.  Using the hashtag


Tag us@Bestdaysvintage with your style shots, and Selfies.  Our favorite will win a £30 gift voucher, and we will re-gram other cool shots from the weekend.  Roll over V-Festival, this little gem will have old Calvin Harris, looking down the East Anglia’s best (worst) road with envy. 

Our top tips over the weekend:

Young Claws
Pistols & Vultures
Off the Wall

Check out the Free Fest website here:

A 'Short' History

Matthew Hurdle

Boys….A ‘short’ history.

Whatever your legs look like, come summer, all 2 days of it, shorts become a must.   No one likes to be sweating in a pair of skinny jeans.  Having to get a chisel in order to prize yourself out of those tight bad boys. 

What shorts are the shorts for you?   I’m here to offer a gentle bit of advice, on which style to choose. 

The Short Short

Being careful not to ‘pop out’  the ‘short short’, has had a full history.   Famous advocates of this style, such as Peter Beardsley, and Alan Partridge have made them the top of the style pyramid.  
Often worn during sports activities, they have also been adopted by trendier types that like to make a statement.   Complete the look; Wear with leather sandals, or some ice white sports pumps. 

The Bermuda

These shorts scream 'party time' at the pool.   Traditionally worn by hunky types, like Surfers, and David Beckham. The Bermuda is my short of choice.   I even wore a pair to centre parks recently, no beach, but they looked wicked, whilst I zoomed down the rapids, surrounded by mums.   I would recommend them to be worn near water, as wearing a pair down the pub on a Friday, is frowned upon, and you may get accused of going in fancy dress.

The Cycling Short

These went through an East London hipster phase a couple of years back.   Worn under another pair of shorts, as a summer version of the Meggin.   Historically, the cycling short was quite the height of fashion in the early 90’s, worn with a fido-dido t-shirt, and a yoyo.   Now days, you see a lot of men in cyclng shorts, but they are generally on a push-bike, or occasionally hanging around a children’s playground  (just like to make it clear, not all men in cycling shorts are pedophiles).
I personally would not recommend a man to wear them.  For me, they're too sweaty, tight, and ultimately revealing.  No one wants to see that, in the town centre on a Monday morning. 

The Denim Short

This Style is an absolute staple item for the summer, easy to make, and easy to buy.   To make, find an old pair of jeans you don’t wear anymore, measure, so you keep the legs the same length, and cut.   To get the fray, Wash in machine, and tumble dry.     If that sounds too much for you, then come to Bestdays Vintage.  We have a plentiful supply for you.  

They work really well, with most casual items; oversize shirts, t-shirts and vests.   I would always recommend, getting a pair of shorts that are a little bigger than you would wear your jeans.  So they sit a bit lower on the hips.    Be careful not to wander in to ‘short denim short’ territory.  There is a fine line.   I would suggest just above the knee is perfect short length. 

Here are some photos of too short, and perfect length (in my opinion).  Which would you wear?